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Did someone forget keys, a cell phone, or a computer charger at the office? We can deliver it. Hard drive? Done. Flower? Sure, we may even smile. We have delivered Cheesecakes, Pizza, Live fish, Gasoline, Beer growler full of beer. The list goes on...

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Our Mission

With competitive rates and unmatched speed and efficiency, Crosstown can meet your same-day delivery needs. Crosstown riders are not delivery personnel who happen to ride bikes, they are cyclists who happen to deliver packages; and they do it in a fast, courteous, and professional manner.

Rates & Policies

Base Rates

Your office employees were hired to do a job that they know how to do well. At Crosstown we can take care of your errands so your employees can spend their time working on the things that need to get done, instead of going around town dealing with traffic, parking, and other time and money wasting nonsense.

Zone Regular Rate Done In Rush Rate Done In
Ward Ave. - Aala Park 10.00 1 hr. 12.50 30 min.
Keeaumoku St. - Waiakamilo 13.20 90 min. 14.50 45 min.
McCully St. - Puuhale Rd. 14.20 90 min. 14.50 45 min.
Waikiki - Sand Island Acc. Rd. 15.20 2 hr. 18.50 1hr.
Kaimuki - Airport 17.20 3 hr. 26.95 1 hr.
Kahala 19.20 3 hr. 29.95 1 hr.

Cargo Rates

Oversize packages $5-$10 +$1 per zone.

Package Rate
Xerox Box $5.00
Bankers Box $10.00
10-20 lbs $5.00 + $1.00 per zone
20-30 lbs $10.00 + $1.00 per zone
30 lbs + - At rider discretion
Cargo Bike $20 drop charge plus applicable rates (can carry up to 250 lbs)
Multiple Riders Charged applicable rates for each rider

Wait Times

First 5 minutes of wait time is complimentary, $.50 per minute thereafter.

Additional Zones

Zones are separated into East/West areas with Zone 1 (downtown) as the center. Zone crossing from East to West or vice versa are additive (example: Zone 3 West, crossing to Zone 2 East would be a Zone 4). Deliveries Mauka of the H1 freeway are charged an additional Zone.

Cutoff time for Afternoon Standard Delivery Rate.

Zone 1 = 4:00 pm
Zone 2 & 3 = 3:30 pm
Zone 4 & 5 & 6 = 3:00 pm

Round Trip

A round trip is charged 2X the base rate.

Extra Stop(s)

Base rate is charged at furthest Zone rate.

Multiple envelopes/packages coming from the same pickup location and going to the same destination address requiring only one signature counts as a single delivery charge.

Each additional stop is $3.00

Wrong Addresses

Extra Stop rates apply to wrong addresses. Wait time fees may also apply.

Let us help, it's what we do.

Don't just think of your courier as a document delivery service, think outside the box. Anything that you don't have time to do, we can do, and we can do it faster.